Everyone has a story to tell...

And a picture is worth a thousand words!


I once knew a little girl that fell in love with capturing memories. Any camera she could get her hands on she would use to tell someone's story, or make up one of her own. She always wanted to be a writer or an artist she said, and now I'm going to let you in on a little secret. The little girl was me, Jessica, and now I am blessed with a career that combines the story telling and art into a photo that will last a lifetime.

I'm not a little girl anymore. In fact it took me a while to get to where I am today, but that is why I am certain of my passion for photography. Before attending the New York Institute of photography I went to school for wedding consulting, computer programming with a minor in business. Once I bought my first DSLR camera however, it just clicked (literally!) I decided to take this talent that I have and roll with it and since graduating from NYIP I've taken several other classes to improve more specific skills like wedding photography, and I've been privileged to learn from some of today's best photographers at Wedding and Portrait Photographers International, including Susan Stripling,  Lindsey Adler, Scott Robert Lim, and Roberto Valenzuela.

The opportunity I look forward to the most though, is the one where I help capture your special moments. Anything from senior pictures to baby announcements, wedding portraits to family pictures, your day is a special one to remember forever. When you book with me you're getting more than just a photographer and some prints, but a day full of good times, laughs and memories. My goal is to capture all the fine details of the story you wish to tell, because a picture is worth a thousand words. Contact me to inquire about your special day.